Appletons 2-ply Crewel Embroidery Wool Yarn

2.20 USD
For larger photos of each color, please refer to the Size/Color pull-down.

We are proud to stock a select palette of 33 colors of premium English wool crewel yarns from Appletons. In business for over 178 years, Appletons produces the best 2-ply, moth-proofed crewel yarns on the market, and in a lovely array of colors. If you’ve ever tried to do crewel embroidery with left-over yarns from a kit and haven’t been satisfied with the results, it probably had to do with the yarns. Kits tend not to be as detailed as traditional crewelwork, and you just can’t get the detail unless you have the right threads. These ARE the right threads!


Skeins measure approximately 27 yards.