Who are we?

Liberty Linens specializes in quality linen fabric at discount prices suitable for modern home-sewing as well as historical re-enactors. Featured also are notions that include linen thread for hand-sewing, weaving, and bobbin lace, patterns for the 18th century re-enactor, and embroidery supplies for any enthusiast. We are in a stage of expansion, so check back often for new listings. 

If you have questions about any products or would like to special order something that may not be listed, please email us.

If you would like to pay by check, please email us.

Why 'Liberty Linens'?

In early America linen was a mainstay because of its accessibility, versatility and durability. Linen was used extensively for clothing and is known for growing increasingly more comfortable with wear.

If you sew modern clothing or make historical costumes like I do, chances are you’ve had the same trouble I’ve experienced finding appropriate and affordable linen. After enduring many frustrating shopping trips on a constant search for material, I finally made connections and am able to offer these fabrics to home-stitchers and my fellow re-enactors.

These linens are exceedingly comfortable, appropriate for most costumes and accessories, and are very affordable. Nothing compares to the authentic look, drape, and feel of linen. I hope you find these fabrics and notions helpful in your sewing endeavors. If you have comments, questions or are looking for a specific fabric, please let me know. The search for exceptional linen goes on!

Best Wishes,
Ruth Konrad